Risograph Poster Project

<Risograph Poster Project>
One of the projects that we collaborate with various illustrators;
Through this project, you may see the wide varieties in Risograph
within five Riso-colours and A3 sized paper.

Riso-colours that we are using:
yellow, fluorescent pink, blue, black, and metallic gold

pp11 pp12participated illustrator: Fhuiae Kim (@fhuiae)

pp04participated illustrator: LeeBinSoeyon (@leebinsoyeon)

pp05 pp06participated illustrator: Jisu Choi (@jisuchoi.poly)

pp07participated illustrator: Mujoo (@immujoo)

pp09 pp10pp08participated illustrator: Bokyung Kim (@lazylady.kim)

pp01 pp02pp03participated illustrator: Hwayoun Lee (@heengrimm)